This writing kerfuffle


Since 2020, I have met up monthly with a group of writers to – you guessed it – write!

We are an informal bunch who met on an online writing course and decided to meet up in person at the end. We initially met at a cafe called Kerfuffle and so the group was founded. Our numbers have dwindled over the years but we still have a solid group of four who get together every month and have a thoroughly good time.

Whoever hosts, leads the activities and sets a piece of homework for the next time. Our prompts have ranged from book titles to our porn star names, from collaborative games to images.

I have decided to post my scribblings here because, well, why not! I hope you get some enjoyment out of them and maybe even use some of the prompts for your own writing. I have two books in the pipeline that have come from these writings so you never know what may come of it. In any case, it keeps the imagination aglow and with a little blowing, it could leap into a flaming glory of a book!